The Gun Owner's Voter's Guide - State-wide Races

Run-offs Only:

 - indicates a known gun hater
 - indicates our choice as the most pro-gun candidate in the race

Democratic Primary:

Texas Supreme Court

(no contest in the primaries)

Court of Criminal Appeals (Highest Criminal Court)

Place 2 Judge - (toss up)

Charles Holcomb - Justice on the Tyler Court of Appeals; owns a few pistols, rifles, and several shotguns; plans to apply for a carry permit. He has not read any law review articles or books on the 2d Amendment. When asked whether he thought gun control was effective, he said, "I've been a prosecutor too long; the bad guys will always get their guns." He is a member of Ducks Unlimited.

Gary Taylor - Attorney; owns 2 pistols, rifle, and shotgun. He does not plan to get a carry permit; ex-member of NRA. He says he would not be against a ban on full autos, but said that he has no problems with semi autos. By his statements he appears to believe the media myth about the prevalence of automatics being used by criminal gangs.

Republican Primary:

Texas Supreme Court

(no contest in the primaries)

Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 1 Judge

James Boone - Attorney; loves to bird hunt; owns several shotguns; 2 deer rifles; .22, and a "couple" of pistols. He is ex-army. Has done no reading on the 2d Amendment. He thinks some gun control laws are effective, for example, he supports short waiting periods on handguns. He is an NRA life member and has participated in pistol matches.

Sue Holland - Judge, 296th Dist. Court; she did not respond to our calls or questionnaire.

Place 2 Judge

Pat Barber - Attorney; He is endorsed by TSRA, and has written for the TSRA newsletter; he changed parties because of the 2d Amendment issue. He was on our pro-gun fax alert list long before running for this office. He scored 100% on our questionnaire.

Mike Keasler - District Judge and ex-prosecutor; owns a pistol; has read "several" law review articles on the 2d Amendment "over the years." He says he feels that gun control laws are ineffective.

Place 3 Judge

Cheryl Johnson - Attorney in Austin; married to a police officer who owns 7 handguns, but no long guns. She states she grew up in the midwest and was not raised in a home with guns. She is essentially ignorant of facts and issues in the gun control debate, but is frank about it and says she has no opinions "one way or the other." When asked if she thought gun control laws were, as a factual matter, effective, she said she simply did not know because she had never studied the issue. She has not read any books or law review articles on the 2d Amendment.

Tom Price - Dallas Judge; owns a 30.06, shotguns, pistols. He has not done reading on the 2d Amendment either. He doe feel, however, that gun control laws are not effective. He has applied for a permit to carry, and says that in his time as a judge, he has never seen a murder prosecution involving a rifle or shotgun, so he feels that the ban on semi-auto rifles is pointless.