State Board of Education

Our Recommendations and the Primary Results:

Note: Reference is made below to a vote that by the Texas State Board of Education to appeal a court case that had held that schools could not withhold information from parents. The case is the Maxwell case and involved a suit by some parents to force their child's school to disclose test results and documents relating to their child. While this issue is not relevant to gun control, we felt it is important enough to mention here regarding school board candidates. A majority of the board ultimately voted to appeal the case and the Texas Supreme Court recently ruled in the parent's favor: Schools can keep nothing secret from parents. It is amazing the School Board fought against that.


- indicates the winner of the primary

- indicates a run-off candidate

- indicates a known anti-gun candidate

- indicates our choice as the most pro-gun candidate in the race

D - Democratic candidate

R - Republican candidate

L - Libertarian candidate

Dist. 3 (S. Central Texas, from San Antonio to McAllen)

D - Vincent Alvarado-Food Manufacturer; hunting rifles, shotguns; has done no reading about the 2d Amendment. He hesitatingly came out against waiting periods, and for repeal of the semi-auto ban; but he basically appeared uninformed on gun issues.

D - Joe Bernal-Ret'd Educator

R - Jose Garcia De Lara-Incumbent Architect; appointed by Governor Bush.

Dist. 4 (Central & E. Houston)

D - Alma Allen-Incumbent; liberal, backed by Teacher's groups, and other traditionally liberal groups like labor. No response to our inquiries.

R - Earl J. Ehlers-Education Research; no response to our inquiries.

Dist. 5 (Central Texas, including N. San Antonio, Waco, Temple, and Fredericksburg)-

D - Joe "JB" Richeson-Teacher

D - Nettie Bratton-Retired Teacher

R - Bob Offutt-Incumbent, Pediatric Dentist; he is one of the 5 board members who voted against appealing the Maxwell decision.

Dist. 6 (West Houston)-

R - Jack Christie-Incumbent; he supports the Brady waiting period for all firearms; voted for "Goals 2000," a federal plan that centralizes education decision-making (per Terri Leo); he voted to appeal Maxwell Case.

R - Terri Leo-Teacher; Ms. Leo was very knowledgeable about the current effort by liberal and anti-gun groups to "rewrite" the history of the 2d Amendment that is contained in public school history textbooks. She said she will do everything she can to prevent that from happening. She opposes the Brady waiting period and is very articulate and knowledgeable about the school board, the people currently on it, what it has been doing, and the Maxwell case. She says she bitterly opposed the decision to appeal the Maxwell case.

Dist. 7 (Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson, & Brazoria Counties)-

D - Rema Lou Brown-has every liberal endorsement according to Ms. Leo. She did not respond to our inquiries.

R - David Bradley-Insurance/real estate; Terri Leo says he and she are "like minded." He did not respond to our inquiries.

Dist. 10 (Central Texas including Hays, Williamson, Fort Bend, & Jackson Counties)

D - Will Davis - Incumbent, Attorney; he did not respond to our questionnaire.

R - DONALD CLARK - Mr. Clark was quite candid that he knows nothing about gun issues, but did reveal that he owns a gun.

R - JIM KILPATRICK - No response to our questionnaire--a sign that he is either anti-gun or does not care to take a public stand.

R - CYNTHIA THORNTON - No response to our questionnaire--a sign that she is either anti-gun or does not care to take a public stand.

R - CHARLIE WEAVER - Antique Dealer;owns one revolver; he is not informed on gun issues and is unaware of attempts to re-write 2d Amendment history in textbooks but seems like a reasonable man. He plans to work closely with Terri Leo, who is strongly pro-gun, should he get elected to the board.

Dist. 11(Fort Worth Suburbs & S. Denton County)-

D - Robert Platt-

R - Richard Neill-Dentist

Dist. 12 (Dallas Suburbs, Rockwall & part of Collin County)-

D - Barbara Montgomery-Retired Teacher; she responded to our questionnaire, which revealed that she is truly uninformed about gun issues, and may possibly be anti-gun.

R - Geraldine "Tincy" Miller-Incumbent business exec.

L - Brady Byrum-Muscle Therapist