In 1994, the switch from the democratic column to the republican column of many gun owners has been credited by Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation as one of the primary reasons for the shift in power in Congress to the Republican party. At a conference in San Antonio on November 12th, Mr. Gottlieb revealed his organization's analysis of the election. He stated that his figures showed that approximately 1.5 million solid democratic gun owners switched over to the republican column on Election Day. His exit polls also revealed that 34% of voters said they had voted solely on the gun issue. SAF reports that in the average year that percentage is down to around one out of 10. The media, to no one's surprise, did not clue in on any of this, and if they have by now, they are quietly trying to work around it by attacking pro-gun republicans on other issues. The media would prefer politicians and the public to believe gun control had little to do with what is indisputably an historic shift of power in Washington D.C.