Below are the candidates in three Congressional races that will have a run-off on December 10th, please help us get the word out about these races, and turn out the pro-gun vote!

U. S. Representative District 8

REP Kevin Brady - Chamber of Commerce Pres. - very anti-gun, a staffer at NRA told us; he did not respond to our inquiries. As a state legislator he voted against the Right-to-Carry law and for each anti-gun amendment that was offered to the carry bill, so do not let him fool you with his campaign literature. Reading it would make you think he is pro-gun! There is a real disagreement among pro-gun activists about Mr. Brady. Some of our Houston pro-gun friends have told us that Mr. Brady is no friend of gun owners. On the other hand, others have stated that Mr. Brady voted against the right-to-carry law because of a "personal issue" Mr. Brady had with it, but that he is otherwise very pro-gun. It is our opinion that if he would let a personal issue determine his vote on important gun legislation, then he might do so again, and cannot therefore be depended upon. When considering the strong pro-gun views of his opponent, the choice is even easier. Thus, we disagree with TSRA's rating of "B," and with his endorsement by Greater Texas Sportsman's Coalition, (GTSC). He got 80,334 votes, which gave him 41.5%.

REP Gene Fontenot - Mr. Fontenot is a medical doctor, former Navy surgeon, attorney, and businessman. When he ran in 1994, he was endorsed by the NRA and was rated "A" by the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA). He is strongly opposed to the gun control measures recently passed in Congress, according to a trusted Houston-area gun rights activist who knows him well. He got 75,398 votes, which gave him 38.9%. Mr. Fontenot lost in the primary to Mr. Brady. According to our contact at GTSC, that group did not make endorsements until after the primary, which is the reason that Mr. Brady got their endorsement.

U. S. Representative District 9

Special Note about this Race: Nine percent of the vote went to a very liberal candidate, Geraldine Sam. If all or most of that voting block goes to Nick Lampson in the runoff, then Lampson will likely win (bad news!). So please help turn out the pro-gun vote in this very special race on December 10th!

REP Steve Stockman - Incumbent - If you do not know of this man's reputation for defending American firearms freedoms, then you must live under a rock. He has been so vilified in the liberal press for his pro-gun bills that it has been hard to miss. The nationl Democratic Party and labor unions have targeted this district and have committed substantial resources (millions of dollars) to this particular race. This will be a big battleground as District 9 was considered by the Democrats as a "safe" district, and they were quite stunned by the defeat of Jack Brooks in 1994. The district has high union membership which is why Democrats thought they could not lose it. Unfortunately for the Democrats, they did not understand what the Second Amendment Foundation's 1994 exit polls showed. Union members support American firearms freedoms, and voted that way in 1994. If they will do so again, and Steve Stockman wins, then the democrats may finally come to realize that pushing gun control is hurting them, and drop it like a hot potato. He is rated "A" by TSRA, and endorsed by GTSC. He is rated 100% by GOA. He got 88,171 votes, which gave him 46.4% of the vote.

DEM Nick Lampson - Tax Collector - He has not responded to our questionnaire or to NRA's. This is a tell-tale sign that he is trying to hide his anti-gun views. There is no reason why a candidate should not have responded at least to NRA by this late date. By asking around, we found out from someone who has known Mr. Lampson for many years that Lampson is anti-gun. Lampson used to be Jefferson County's Tax Assessor-Collector; according to our source "he's the kind who will say anything to get elected and then vote totally different." When our volunteer called Mr. Lampson to get his views on gun issues, as soon as he was told the reason for the call was to ask his views on the 2nd Amendment, Mr. Lampson immediately said, "Can I put you on hold?" and then passed the phone to a campaign worker who refused to answer questions but instead stated that she was in charge of answering questionnaires, and would fill out one if we would fax it over. We have done so, and it has yet to be returned. From all this it is apparent that Mr. Lampson is a dangerous candidate for gun owners. He got 83,781 votes, which gave him 44.1%.

U. S. Representative District 25 (Special)

DEM Ken Bentsen - Incumbent - Ken Bentsen failed to respond to either of two questionnaires and when we phoned his office, our volunteer was passed from staffer to staffer until he was finally told that the staffer who responds to Second Amendment issues was momentarily unavailable. We left a message and were promised a return call in ten minutes. No such call was ever received. Bentsen is not interested in communicating his position on Second Amendment issues to concerned constituents. Based on his voting record, Ken Bentsen has earned the following approval ratings from civil liberties organizations: TSRA "F," GOA 0%. While he was not around when the Brady Bill and semi-auto bans were voted in, his votes in 1995 (on the Chenoweth & Istook amendments) show he is not sensitive to gun owners concerns. He got 43,693 votes, giving him 34.0% of the vote.

Dolly Madison McKenna REP - No information on this candidate yet, but virtually anyone would be better than her opponent! She got 21,898 votes, giving her 17.1%