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Dear Judicial Candidate:

Our organization is surveying all candidates for judicial office. We have enclosed a questionnaire to get your views and factual opinions on matters important to many voters. This questionnaire was designed by legal counsel to avoid responses that would violate Canon 5 of the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Please return the questionnaire as soon as possible to be sure you are included among the respondents whose information is shared with voters. Answer by circling your chosen response; space is left for qualifying remarks if you desire to make some. Thank you for taking the time to share your views with the public.

1. Which of the following weapons are used most often to commit murder each year?

a) "Assault" rifles

b) Bare hands & feet <-- [This is the correct answer, for those who had a doubt.]

c) All rifles of all types

d) Shotguns

2. Were you raised in a home where firearms were present? Y N

3. Have you ever been instructed in firearms safety, either through a formal course or by family members or friends? Y N

4. Have you applied for a permit to carry a handgun? Y N

5. Prior to passage of the federal 1994 "assault rifle" ban the media repeatedly reported how these weapons were the "preferred weapons of gangs and drug dealers." Once the law took effect, the media reported that still more had to be done because "assault rifles" are rarely used in crime.

Do you believe the above statement is an accurate characterization of media reporting on this topic? Please comment.

6. In 1995 the Supreme Court struck down the "Gun-Free School Zones Act" in the case of U.S. v. Lopez. Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe was quoted in a Washington Post service article to the American-Statesman saying, "This court takes structural limits more seriously than people had thought . . . which liberals and pragmatists find dismaying."

Do you believe Laurence Tribe's use of the words "structural limits" could be replaced with the words "constitutional limits" without changing the meaning of the quote? Please explain.

7. Without stating your opinion on the constitutionality of such legislation, do you believe, as a practical matter, that "gun control" laws (like waiting periods, background checks, gun bans, ammunition bans, registration, licensing, etc.,) are effective or ineffective in their ostensible goals of reducing armed crime and accidental death? Please explain in detail.

- end of questionnaire -

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