18 February 1998

Dr. James Brown
Texas State Rifle Association/PAC
P.O. Box 413
Goldthwaite, Texas 76844

Dear Dr. Brown,

Attached find my hard copy of the survey you sent me concerning my candidacy for Texas Land Commissioner. I respectfully request this letter be included as part of said survey.

Today I received the package from NRA containing a glowing endorsement of my opponent in the Republican Primary. I also spoke to you on the telephone and wish to comment on both communications

First, I am dismayed that the letter from NRA failed to mention that my opponent not only supported, but indeed CO-SPONSORED the mandatory trigger-lock bill that passed through he Texas Legislature into law. His partners in sponsoring this legislation (which has been rightly excoriated in recent issues of the American Rifleman) were the two most anti-gun, liberal Democrats in the legislature, Royce West and Sherri Greenberg.

Though I oppose this unconstitutional legislation and my opponent supported it, TSRA and NRA endorsed my opponent instead of me, and made no mention of his key role in passing this bad law. This is not only unfair to me, it is shamefully unfair to the members of the TSRA and NRA.

Second, in my telephone conversation with you, you mentioned I had received an "A" rating as a pro-gun candidate for Land Commissioner. I brought to your attention the fact that in my 1996 campaign for the Texas House of Representatives I received an "A+" rating. I asked you what I had done to deserve being downgraded from an A+ to an A. Your replied "you're running against 'our man'." Since when is a sponsor of anti-Second Amendment rights legislation "our man?" Since when is an opponent of such legislation NOT "our man?" Your statement has the distinct odor of backroom politics. How do you think the members of TSRA would feel if they knew ALL the facts?

Since when does one's rating of performance change because of who is one's opponent?

I have been an honest, hard-working, effective advocate for the Second Amendment rights of all Texans (indeed, all Americans) for all my adult life.

I have journeyed to Washington, D.C. on many occasions and made speeches at national rallies on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I have been a safe and responsible gun owner and have maintained Federal Firearms Licenses. I have worked tirelessly as a Congressional staffer always staunchly supporting our rights. The Texas Libertarian Party awarded me the 1997 Lady Liberty Award for my sustained, significant contribution to protection of he Second Amendment. How can you honestly characterize me as being less pro-Second Amendment than my opponent?

I do not know why you have done what you have done. But whether through ignorance, laziness, or dishonesty, you have done a disservice to the members of the Texas State Rifle Association by hiding the truth from them.

They deserve better.