The GOA Politician Grading System

Candidates who have established a voting record, either in the office for which they are running or in another elected office, are evaluated primarily on the basis of that voting record. However, sponsorship of pro-or anti-gun legislation and other such facts can affect their grade.

If an incumbent or challenger has not established a voting record or demonstrated his or her position in some other way, that candidate is evaluated on the basis of his or her responses to the Gun Owners of America 1998 Federal Candidate Questionnaire.

Every candidate begins with an "A" and is then downgraded on the basis of each anti-gun position admitted to on the questionnaire or for each anti-gun vote.

To see GOA's 1998 questionnaire (and voting records of politicians) visit GOA's web site.

A+ Pro-Gun Leader--carries pro-gun bills, works with pro-gun groups and organizes against anti-gun legislation, speaks out for our Second Amendment rights.
A Pro-Gun Voter--philosophically sound. Always with the pro-gun movement but takes no leadership role.
A- & B Pro-Gun Compromiser--generally leans our way but occasionally supports a particular anti-gun proposal.
C Leans Our Way--occasionally. No philosophical commitment. Must be constantly pressured by the pro-gun movement or, if left alone, will vote against us.
D Leans Anti-Gun--usually against us. Normally with the anti-gun movement, but strong pressure can sometimes move them into a nonvote (abstention) or an occasional pro-gun vote, if they believe voting against us could cause their defeat.
F Anti-Gun Voter--a philosophically committed anti-gunner. Does not carry anti-gun bills, but can always be counted on to vote against us.
F- Anti-Gun Leader--outspoken anti-gun advocate who carries anti-gun legislation, plots and plans with anti-gun organizations to take away our Second Amendment rights.
NR The candidate refused to answer his or her questionnaire.

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