Note: The following is a flyer from Gun Owners of America about the Texas Senate Primary Race. We include it here only as additional information for making your voting decision.


On March 12, voters in the state of Texas will have an opportunity to say no to gun control by voting for Henry Grover in the Republican Primary.

Incumbent Senator Phil Gramm would like you to believe that he's pro gun, but his record inthe senate tells a different story. Following is an outline of Mr. Gramm's anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment record.

On compromise and banning guns:

On November 19, 1993, Sen Gramm voted for the Crime Bill which contained the Feinstein ban on semi-automatic firearms and the limitation of magazine capacity.

On support for the BATF:

In 1993, Gramm cosponsored S Con Res 12 to "recognize the heroic sacrifice of the Special Agents of the BATF in Waco, Texas." The bill states that the "sacrifice and dedication" of BATF agents is "a cornerstone of our system of justice" and a cause for pride.

On June 7, 1995, Gramm voted for the terror package (S 735) which contained a provision to increase the BATF budget by $100 million. (This bill also contained provisions to expand the ability of the military to enforce civilian law and to allow the government to wiretap one's home if a person subject to a wiretap order visits the home.)

On support for anti-gun prliticians:

Early in his Presidential campaign, Gramm said that he would consider Mass. Gov. Bill Weld as his vice-presidential running mate. (source: The Boston Globe, Feb 8, 1995.) Weld has angered gun owners by his broken promise to oppose banning guns. Once in office, Weld joined the ranks of those trying to disarm the citizens of the country when he threw his support behind a ban on semi-automatic firearms.

Sen Gramm was responsible for Mikhail Gorbachev receiving a $50,000 honorarium from the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee when he spoke at a fund raiser in 1993. (Source, _The_Washington_Times_, Nov 5, 1993.) It did not escape gun owners taht Gorbachev was a dictator who not only kept the Russian people disarmed, but also disarmed the Lithuanian people when he invaded their country during his reign of terror at the helm of the Soviet Union.

Phil Gramm simply has played both sides of the issue. But there is another choice in this year's primary election.

Henry "Huck" Grover is a familiar face in politics, although you'll date yourself if you admit to remembering his name. He was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1960, and he served there for six years. In 1966, he switched Parties and became the first-ever Republican in the state Senate. In 1972, he came within 3% of winning the race for Governor. But there's much more to Huck Grover than simply years of public service.

Henry Grover has signed a pledge that he will introduce legislation to repeal both the so-called assault weapons ban and the dangerous Brady law. Senator Gramm, who is in a position to introduce these bills, has chosen to take no action even though his party has been in the majority for over a year.

Mr. Grover has demonstrated to us that he understands the Consitituion. He knows that gun violence in this country is not caused by law abiding gun owners, but by violent criminals. Henry Grover also believes that the federal government does not have the authority to strip the rights of all the people just because it fails to effectively deal with the criminal element of society.

With gun control advocates continually assaulting our rights, we need people like Henry Grover in the United States Senate. He wlll not be persuaded to violate the Constitution in the name of fighing crime. I urge you to vote for Henry "Huck" Grover in the Republican Primary on March 12.

And please, encourage family members and friends to do the same. Thank you.

Larry Pratt