From: Gun Owners of America (

dated: 2/21/98

"Notorious 29" Help Pass Anti-gun Clinton Picks

Gun Owners of America had alerted you earlier to impending votes for two of Clinton's anti-gun nominations. Well, last week the Senate confirmed both choices. On February 10, the Senate voted 63-35 to confirm anti-gun Dr. David Satcher as the next Surgeon General. The next day, Senators handed liberal, judicial activist (Ms. Margaret Morrow) a seat on the federal bench by a vote of 67-28.

How They Voted. Every Democratic Senator voted for Dr. Satcher and Ms. Morrow. On the Republican side of the aisle, 29 Senators (listed below) cast anti-gun votes. One should note, that the Democrats could not have confirmed these two Clinton picks without the help of these Senate Republicans. If your Senator is listed below, please voice your displeasure with him.

Republicans voting for:
Judge Margaret Morrow Surgeon General David Satcher
Stevens (AK) Stevens (AK)
McCain (AZ) McCain (AZ)
Campbell (CO) Roth (DE)
Roth (DE) Mack (FL)
Mack (FL) Coverdell (GA)
Lugar (IN) Collins (ME)
Collins (ME) Snowe (ME)
Snowe (ME) Bond (MO)
Abraham (MI) Cochran (MS)
Cochran (MS) Domenici (NM)
Lott (MS) Chafee (PA)
Gregg (NH) Specter (PA)
Domenici (NM) Thurmond (SC)
Faircloth (NC) Frist (TN)
DeWine (OH) Thompson (TN)
Smith (OR) Bennett (UT)
Santorum (PA) Hatch (UT)
Chafee (RI) Jeffords (VT)
Frist (TN) Gorton (WA)
Thompson (TN)
Hutchison (TX)
Bennett (UT)
Hatch (UT)
Jeffords (VT)
Gorton (WA)

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